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We offer a variety of services to fit your needs.

We are an authorized service center for Howard Miller, Former service center for Sligh, Herschede, Pearl, Emperor and Colonial clocks.


Our in home service calls include a complete Inspection of your clocks mechanism  for wear & breakdown that could be caused by a simple lack of oiling. The # 1 reason that  clocks  stop running is due to lack of routine maintenace & oilings that are crucial to the clocks performance.


An overhaul process is performed in the shop, we will pick your clock up & deliver it upon completion or you can drop it off & pick it up.

Clock Cleaning & Inspection is done in the shop. We ultrasonically clean each mechanism with state of the art high tech clock cleaning solution, every stamp & scratch on the mechanism will remain while the metal will be restored to it's original bright brass finish. We will inspect your clock for worn bearings, weak or cracked springs, dirt & metal shavings.

Worn Bearing Replacement, if worn bearings are present they will cause the gears to mesh to tightly or too far apart causing the teeth to shear prematurely. We replace the worn bearings, clean & polish the steal pivot that caused the original wear.

Weak, cracked or stretched main springs, which may cause the clock not to have enough power to run. We replace all weak and broken main springs.


Paint Speck removal, case repair, glass replacement, smoke damage, water damage, dirt & oil buildup. We can restore your clock back to it's original beauty by replacing broken or missing glass, detailed trim , finials, knobs, latches, keys & doorlocks. Water damage restoration is based on severity of damage.


We will secure & pack your clock for safe transportation, we are a fully insured company & the best at moving & set up. We also offer cleaning & storage for all clocks, insurance claims due to fire, water or natural disaster. Call us for more detailed informaiton.

Each timepeice is a family heirloom that may stretch back generations or it may just be getting started, we respect and treat all clocks as if they were our own.