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Complete Repairs are Guaranteed

Discounted Repairs have No Guarantee

Standard guarantee is for One Year. Any defect in the repair work is overwhelmingly likely to show up in the first few weeks or months, if not days. Problems occurring after the first three months are almost assured to be unrelated to the repair.

Beavercreek Clock Company's Guarantee

Beavercreek Clock guarantees to the original Customer that this overhauled movement will operate properly under normal use and service for a period of One (1) Year from date of Repair.

Beavercreek Clocks obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing the product with new or renewed components.

Beavercreek Clock disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages arising out of breach of this warranty.

This guarantee covers only labor performed and parts replaced as part of this repair. Damage to parts not replaced in this repair and malfunctions unrelated to work performed in this repair are not included.

This Guarantee does not cover the following:

1. Over Winding the clock

2. Pendulum Adjustment / Time Keeping

3. Forgetting to Wind the clock

4. Clock Stopping after being moved

5. Manually over-swinging the pendulum causing the clock to tick unevenly (out of beat)

6. Hands being moved abruptly, forwards or backwards or being bent, causing them to touch each other or the clock dial.

This guarantee does not include damage to product or components resulting from abuse, accident, alteration, climatic/environmental conditions, damage beyond normal use, mis-handling, misuse, or unauthorized repair.

**Pendulum Adjustment is Customers Responsibilty.*

In home service calls for Non-Warranty repairs are subject to the current service call charges: Montgomery/Greene Ohio $145.00

Service Call Charges by county :        (sales tax not included)






*Repaired items NOT picked up within 30 days after repairs are completed will incur a $10 per day storage fee, After 60 days the item will be considered Abandoned Property and Become Property of Beavercreek Clock Repair.